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  • Structural Engineer

    Recruitment:2 peopleDegrees: Junior CollegeSalary: Negotiable 2020-05-22

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Participated in the feasibility research of product project approval and system scheme design;

    2. Formulating structural design schemes and project plans, researching and developing new technologies to improve product performance and quality;

    3. Responsible for the detailed design, tolerance analysis, DFMEA inspection, prototype production and debugging of product structure and parts;

    4. Participate in mold design, progress follow-up, sample review, design change, parts recognition, etc.;

    5. Solve problems in the development process, provide technical support for product safety and reliability testing and smooth mass production;

    Job Requirements:

    1. More than five years of structural design experience, or more than three years of vehicle-mounted structural design experience;

    2. Familiar with the use of 3D drawing software such as CAD and PROE, and able to give priority to ID modeling and priority element simulation;

    3, familiar with sheet metal parts, plastic parts, plastic parts, machine parts and other parts material post-processing process, have a profound understanding of the mold;

    4. Familiar with IATF16949 quality management system and product development process;

    5. More than 1 year's experience in independently completing product structure and problem solving ability, drawing important assembly dimensions of 2D drawing files and marking matching tolerance, etc.;

    6.Strong sense of responsibility, good team work spirit, strong communication skills and prudent attitude.

  • Engineering director

    Recruitment: 2 peoperDegrees: Junior College Salary: Negotiable2020-05-22

    Job Description:

    1. Responsible for new product introduction testing and production process optimization and improvement proposal;

    2. Responsible for the preparation, revision and review of engineering test related processes, process standards, test methods and evaluation standards;

    3. Responsible for regular operation training, equipment maintenance and maintenance training for technicians, PIE and quality control personnel within the company;

    4. Responsible for the management, training and team building of engineers in the engineering department;

    5. Assisted the deputy general manager in planning and formulating the company's development strategies and strategies, assisted r&d in promoting the implementation and testing of the project, and realized the r&d management objectives.

    Job Requirements:

    1. College degree or above, major in mechanical manufacturing and automation, electronic design and manufacturing;

    2. More than 5 years of experience in design scheme and project implementation management of electronic plant equipment;

    3. Capable of independently completing the design, evaluation and implementation of test schemes for testing and validation of the whole automation equipment or components, including the formulation of test schemes, test implementation, analysis and processing of test data, preparation and filing of test reports;

    4. Able to formulate engineering test procedures, test methods and evaluation standards according to product specifications;

    5. Familiar with r & d technical knowledge, product production and testing process, quality management system standards;

    6. Proficient in using software such as CAD, Solidworks, etc., with strong engineering design and spatial imagination ability is preferred;

    7.Strong coordination and communication skills, good foundation of electronic or mechanical technology.

  • Hardware Engineer

    Recruitment: 5 peoperdegrees: Junior College Salary: Negotiable 2020-05-22

    Position information

    1. Responsible for product development follow-up and preparation of various technical documents in the process of product development;

    2. Responsible for product electronic circuit and PCB board design; Testing and application changes of electronic materials;

    3. Responsible for PCB board sample acceptance, prototype debugging and performance testing, so as to make the products meet the design requirements;

    4. Responsible for project follow-up, preparation of product technical standard documents and test plans;

    5. Responsible for the drawing design of wires needed for the product and the preparation of product specifications;

    6. Solve various problems in product development, production and customer feedback.

    Job Requirements:

    1. At least 1.3 years relevant working experience, college degree or above, major in electronic technology, communication and electronics, etc.

    2. Skilled in using ORCAD, PROTEL, POWER PCB and other software to design circuit schematic diagram and PCB LAYOUT;

    3. Familiar with the performance, function and test methods of various electronic components in common use;

    4. Familiar with the fundamentals of analog and digital electronic circuits;

    5. Familiar with the principles of C51 and AVR microcontroller;

    6. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

  • Foreign Trade Salesman

    Recruitment: 5 peoper Degrees: Junior College Salary: Negotiable2020-03-22


    1. Independently developed, followed up and maintained customers;

    2. Completed the sales task and other related work arranged by the leader;

    3. Feedback market information to relevant departments of the company;

    4. Maintain various B2B platforms.

    Job Requirements:

    1. 21-35 years old

    2. College degree or above, good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, cet-4 or above;

    3. Skilled use of office software to handle daily work;

    4. Serious, responsible, rigorous, hard-working and studious;

    5. Strong ability to analyze and interpret problems, as well as communication skills;

    6. Strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to work under pressure, willing to accept overtime work for performance;