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High-quality selection

Won market recognition with product quality and customer trust. Each product produced by Billionaire lighting is strictly selected for high-quality materials such as high-quality LED chips, power supplies, and aviation aluminum materials. Through processing technology such as high-end spraying technology, high-quality lighting equipment can meet different places, such as office buildings, supermarkets Design requirements for public lighting spaces such as schools, libraries,hospitals,airports, clubs, etc.

Rigorous production process

Billionaire lighting attaches great importance to product development and investment, and has never loosened control over product processes. Instead of pursuing blind expansion, we adhere to the strategic strategy of high-quality products and strictly control each production process. The company has successively obtained authoritative certificates such as CE, CCC and RoHS, and has independent and perfect production processes. It has laid a solid foundation for going global.

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Advanced technical equipment

Billionaire lighting has established a unified and stable R & D team and quality control system. It is the first lighting company in Shenzhen to have a Class 1000 dust-free workshop. We have an SMT production line and professional testing laboratories, such as testing darkrooms. At the same time, we are also equipped with professional testing equipment such as integrating sphere tester, high and low temperature tester, seismic tester, tensile tester, resistance tester, and always implement the business philosophy of excellence.