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Advantages of LED panel lights


What are the advantages of LED panel lights? What are the advantages compared to ordinary fluorescent lamps?

LED panel light adopts super high brightness LED as light source, widely used in office, hotel, hospital, factory, school, home decoration and other indoor lighting, can directly replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamp, and its brightness is higher. With more than 10 years of experience in panel light production and sales, BIOVOLUX LED panel lights are widely sold in many countries at home and abroad.

The main performance and advantages of Biel Optoelectronics LED panel lights include the following.

1, led panel light design flexibility

LED is a point-shaped light emitter, and designers are very flexible in their design by using a flexible combination of points, lines and surfaces to design light sources of various shapes and particles according to customer requirements. In terms of appearance (size, color) and function, we can also provide customized services according to customer needs.

big round panel lights

2、led panel light with high illumination

Billionaired lighting LED panel light adopts evenly luminous reflective panel and sealed design, together with efficient light guide plate and high quality aviation aluminum, which can achieve comfortable and soft light, and higher illumination effect.

3, led panel light heat less

slim led up and down lighting led panel lights

Our LED panel light is thin and light appearance, the thickness of the whole light is only 10mm, the lamp frame is high quality aluminum, not only fashionable and beautiful cut to facilitate heat dissipation, low power consumption of lamps and lanterns, less heat.

4, led panel light long lifetime

LED panel light life and the quality of lamp beads have a great relationship, our products are using high quality SMD2835 high quality lamp beads, with good luminous effect (narrow spectrum, monochrome), high color rendering (color fidelity, color reproduction ability), green environmental protection (no lead and mercury and other toxic substances), precision constant current and other significant features.

5, led panel light changes in a variety of ways

In addition to conventional panel lights, smart LED products are also our main business scope. We offer dimmable LED panel lights to our customers all over the world. Users can adjust the light color according to different needs and environmental changes, which not only produces no radiation and glare, but also protects eyesight and makes the light color milder.