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Why do some panel lights flicker?


Why do some panel lights flicker?

LED lighting has become the main force in the lighting industry, in it to the public view at the same time, strobe problem has also attracted widespread attention. What is stroboscopic? The Illuminating Institute of North America (IESNA) defines "flicker" (stroboscopic) as a rapid change in the intensity of a light source. Prolonged exposure of the human eye to this environment can cause headaches and eye fatigue, cause photosensitive epilepsy, resulting in vision loss and distractions and other problems.

At present, there are several general causes of flickering LED panel lights.

(1) The chip of the power supply is overheated and the heat dissipation is not good. If the driver has an over-temperature protection function, and the material heat dissipation performance of the lamp can not meet the requirements, the driver over-temperature protection to start working will also have a flicker out of the phenomenon.

(2) LED lamp beads and LED driver power does not match. Normal single full 1W lamp bead withstand current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the lamp bead chip is not full power will cause the light source strobe phenomenon.

(3) The drive power supply is bad. If the drive power supply is bad, as long as you replace it with another good drive power supply, it will not flicker.

(4) Bad power supply capacitor. When there is a bad power supply capacitor, turn on the lights for a while, the capacity drops, it will lead to flashing lights.

(5) Water in the lamps and lanterns. If the outdoor lamp also has a strobe and a bright phenomenon, then the lamp is water ingress.

The panel light adopts SMD2835 high brightness lamp beads and imported brand power supply, which has good circuit protection function and even and soft light output effect.