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FS0005 minimal office floor standing lamp


The office floor standing lamp is a necessity of home life, and its application in the field of business and office is becoming more and more popular. The natural attributes that are convenient and practical need not be said, but also create a beautiful atmosphere. The magic of light focuses the focus of the night on a certain corner, allowing people to calm down in an instant.

In addition to basic lighting functions, people also have a higher aesthetic demand for the shape, design and materials of lamps. Among them, the simple style of "less is more" prevailed, and many classic works were born. Today we will take a look at the latest FS0005 minimalist stand lamp launched by Bill-lighting.

FS0005 minimal office floor standing lamp (1).jpg

FS0005 minimal office floor standing lamp (1)

The single-tube / dual-line strip lights designed and developed by us are practical products specially launched for supermarkets and major stores. This product can be adjusted reasonably according to the shelf placement in the store and the position where the goods are presented to achieve the best lighting effect. The product design concept originated from a well-known American designer. While paying attention to the aesthetic appearance and taking into account the lighting effect in actual use, it was widely welcomed by the market as soon as it was launched.

Compared with ordinary products on the market, what is the difference between this line light of Bill lighting? One of the most notable features is the flexible design of the flip-type lamp body structure. This feature can make our luminaires more convenient and user-friendly during use. By adjusting the angle of the luminaire, we can give full play to the optical advantages, distribute the light beam evenly on the shelf goods, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, condense the appeal of the store, and win higher Popularity.

Compared with conventional panel lights, our dual-emission panel lights can achieve a perfect light ratio of 30% UP+ 70% DOWN, and can ingeniously combine the indirect light source emitted upward and the direct light source illuminated downward, so light uniform distribution in the space, and people in the space can feel more comfortable and natural. This scientific light design can not only create a good lighting environment for the store and guide the flow of people, but also achieve the purpose of saving energy and electricity and controlling operating costs by designing an excellent lighting environment.

FS0005 minimal office floor standing lamp (2).jpg

FS0005 minimal office floor standing lamp (2)

FS0005 was developed by Bill-lighting in 2019 and is now officially on the market. Its length, width and height dimensions are 610*288*1351mm. It is an economical and practical stand lamp with a stylish design. This luminaire adopts the desktop installation method, abandoning the heavy feeling of the traditional floor lamp, more light and thin, easy to move, and flexible to use. The main material of the lamp body is aluminum profile, which has good compression resistance and is not easy to damage; the exterior of the lamp is powder sprayed, and the silver-white appearance is more upscale.

FS0005 minimal office floor standing lamp (3).jpg

FS0005 minimal office floor standing lamp (3)

In terms of structure, FS0005 adopts a double-sided light-emitting design and uses imported SMD2835 LED chips. The highest light efficiency can reach 130LM/W. After lighting, the lamps emit 50% upward and 50% downward, and the light is even and soft, which can fully illuminate the indoor space.Because of its light and smart overall structure, this station lamp is also very convenient to install. Even non-professionals can quickly complete the assembly in a short time, saving time and labor. Whether it is home use or business office, the FS0005 tabletop desk lamp is an excellent choice.

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