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Good news!We have passed the BSCI certification review

Date: January. 7, 2021

Lately, Billionaire Lighting Co., Ltd. successfully passed the BSCI on-site audit. Audit experts composed of professional organizations conducted a three-day internal review of our company, and at the same time made optimization suggestions for the company in accordance with the relevant provisions of the BSCI certification code.


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event

The full name of BSCI is Business Social Compliance Initiative, which is an organization that advocates the business community to comply with social responsibility. The passing of this certification signifies that our company's standardization, standardization, and institutionalization have become more complete. The BSCI certification truly reflects that Billionaire Lighting pays attention to the protection of corporate social responsibility, employee rights, and environmental friendliness while focusing on economic benefits.


In the future, we will continue to improve the management system of the factory, create a better working environment and conditions for employees, and better serve the public and customers and friends.