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Billionaire Lighting Panel lights are shipped to Europe

Date: Nov. 24, 2021

On the afternoon of Nov. 21st, 2021, the 800PCS panel light developed and produced by Billionaire Lighting is undergoing cabinet loading and is ready to be shipped to Europe. Towards the end of the year, our orders continued to increase, relying on customer support and trust and excellent product quality. Thank you so much for the choice of Billighting Lighting, we will continue to provide market demand with lower prices, high-end quality, and professional services.


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


                                                                                800pcs panel lights waiting for loading



At 6 pm, all the LED panel lights in the container are loaded, and they are about to set off for the port. The container loading effectively guarantees the order progress and delivery time. Billionaire Lighting , a professional office lighting manufacturer, is constantly working hard, only for your satisfaction!


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


                                                                                                            container loading site