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The practical application of FS0011 floor lamp in office

Date: Nov. 23, 2021

FS0005 series floor lights are our most popular products. Prior to this, we have introduced the whole pole vertical FS0005 and the detachable truncated FS0005. These two different types of floor lamps have touch dimming and knob dimming options. Recently, we upgraded and optimized this hot product again, and developed a brand new polarized FS0005 floor lamp.


The upgraded FS0005 adopts the American innovative laser dotted polarizing film and UGR film design, which can fully improve and enhance the illumination of the effective illumination area of thelight, increase the effective illumination area of the light, and make the effective illumination area illuminance and uniformity of the light higher. On this basis, the light from the light can still be soft and not dazzling, UGR<19.

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Taking a desk with a length of 1.5m as an example, when we place a floor lamp next to the desk for office and reading lighting, the upgraded FS0005 illumination area will be more concentrated, and the effective illumination range of the lamp will be wider. In contrast, the FS0005 before the upgrade caused light loss to a certain extent, failing to fully utilize and utilize the effective light irradiation area.



This upgrade is to provide users with a better experience, while fully demonstrating the practicability and functionality of the product. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us: