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The practical application of FS0011 floor lamp in office

Date: October 20, 2021

If you advocate a simple and comfortable lifestyle, then the FS0011 floor lamp is worthy of appearing in your life. This is a smart LED floor lamp, whether it is applied to the home or office environment, it will bring many unexpected little surprises.


The FS0011 floor lamp adopts touch control for its dimming method. We have also introduced a floor lamp with a knob before. Compared with the floor lamp with touch control, it has a richer lighting mode, which can be used in multiple situations with the user. For example, the light sensor function mode-if the lamp is used during the day, this mode can adjust the brightness by itself according to the change of the ambient light, so that the brightness is always in the most suitable state.

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Another example is the motion function mode. This mode is characterized by intelligence and energy saving. If you need to leave for a period of time while using the lamp, you don't need to turn it off manually, and the lamp can also control the brightness of the lamp according to the human body induction. When the person is away for a period of time, the lamp will automatically dim until it goes out; when the person returns to the seat, the floor lamp will automatically return to the initial brightness.




Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event

In addition to light mode and brightness adjustment, the color temperature of FS0011 can also be intelligently adjusted. In the office state, we can choose cool white light to concentrate; when in the reading state, we can choose warm white light to relax our eyes.


The silver appearance of FS0011 is also commendable. The lamp body is made of high-quality aluminum, which is sturdy and durable and has a good heat dissipation effect. The whole lamp adopts electrostatic powder spraying technology, and the tentacles are rich in texture. The slender linear design makes the lamps easy to place in the use environment without taking up too much space.