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FS0011-60W-I01 CCT dimmable floor lamp

Date: July 27, 2021

Different color temperature can bring different psychological feelings to people, and have different effects on the human body. Controllable color temperature is also regarded as an important indicator to measure the luminous effect of lamps. Because it has a significant role in building the environment and the atmosphere.


For example, warm color can give people a feeling of warmth and harmony. It can make people think of the sun、flames、blood and other intentions, and is suitable for expressing warm、bright and soft scene atmosphere. 

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Cold color can give people a sense of calm and shady, it can make people think of ice、blue sky、dawn and other intentions. High color temperature can improve metal activity and is beneficial to mental load. Therefore, general classrooms, hospitals and office meeting rooms use high color temperature blue and white light.


Neutral color can give people a sense of peace、comfort、stability, and are suitable for expressing rational and neutral scenes. Using the control of the lamp color temperature, we can make reasonable adjustments according to our own needs for the light environment, until the best lighting effect is achieved. FS0011 is a CCT dimming floor lamp. The floor lamp has the function of up and down independent color temperature, just touch the touch panel to switch between different lighting modes. 


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event



In the light-emitting structure, FS0011 adopts up and down light-emitting design, luminous efficiency up to 130lm/w, low power consumption and strong energy saving. The lamp has a large light-emitting angle, which can fully meet the lighting between more than 2 desks. The detach-ability of the lamp holder is also one of features of FS0011, it can be used in exchange with other floor lamps developed and produced by our company. 



Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event

If you are looking for such a multifunctional and practical floor lamp that can adjust the brightness and color temperature independently up and down and is beneficial to eye health, please feel free to contact us.