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FS0015 economical HOME-OFFICE dual use floor lamp

Date: July 6, 2021

Life is a subtraction. Simplify the complex can close embrace a more comfortable mood and life. We have always incorporated the concept of minimalism into our product design. It is a more humanized, environmental protection, relaxed and pleasant life style.

Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


Newly FS0015 was launched by Billionaireled is a minimalist design of office/home dual-use economic floor lamp, with a higher cost performance. The overall appearance of the floor lamp is simple atmosphere, beautiful and rich texture. In the light emitting structure, in order to have better illumination effect, we fully adopt the principle of diffuse reflection to design double-sided luminous structure for floor lamps. The down light is UGR diffuser, the up light is high quality PMMA transparent plate, to ensure the light emitted by the lamp is uniform and without shadow, and the anti-glare effect is good.


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


If used at home, FS0015 floor lamp can be combined with a living room sofa or lounge chair, it can also be used in children’s piano room、study, for reading and leisure to create a space with sufficient light. FS0015 floor lamp pole is slim and easy to move, so you can easily enjoy soft and comfortable lighting wherever you need it.


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


A good lamp, light up the beauty of life, let you enjoy the scene lighting. If you are looking for such a reliable quality、stable performance、eye health office home floor lamp, please feel free to contact: