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FS0005 floor luminaire exported to Germany

Date: June 6, 2021

On the afternoon of June second, the FS0005 floor lamp developed and produced by Billionaire lighting was being loaded and shipped, ready to sell to Germany. FS0005 series floor lamp is a light for business office that we invested and developed in 2019, it was launched in 2020.

Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


The 600pcs floor lamp exported to Germany this time was followed up by our sales manager Lucas. From receiving order、sample confirmation、contract signing、mass production、bulk sampling inspection to loading and shipping, every step is controlled by the special person to control the whole process, to ensure the products can be delivered to customers smoothly,fast and safely.


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


As an economical and practical led floor lamp, FS0005 chooses knob resistance dimming, it has remarkable, it has remarkable features of economic、simple wiring maintenance、standby power is up to “0”,etc. The knob of the lamp is located in the golden ratio of the lamp body, within reach, easy operation; In the lighting-emitting structure, FS0005 adopts a double side light-emitting design. Down light-emitting adopts PS optical diffusion plate, it controls anti-glare effectively, to control the anti-glare index within 19, it is very suitable for office and reading environment.


Billionaire Lighting 2021 Chinese New Year blessing event


Billionaire lighting specializes in commercial lighting product, providing different overall lighting solution and diversified LED commercial office lighting product for global users. Our led floor lamp、led panel lamp and other products are selling well in Germany、France、the United Kingdom、the United States and other countries and regions. If you have any demands, just feel free to contact us.