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Billionaire Lighting Housewarming Ceremony Held

Date: June 2, 2021

Billionaire Lighting Housewarming Ceremony Held

On May 8, 2021, Huayi Liwei Industrial Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen, is full of flowers, laughter, and a festive and auspicious atmosphere. The housewarming ceremony of the new office building of Billionaire Lighting (the holding company of Luview Industrial Technology Group) was held here.


With colorful fireworks, festive salutes and warm applause, the founders of the group and the Bill family gathered together to witness the wonderful moment of the housewarming celebration!

Looking back, Billionaire Lighting has been established for 10 years. We have developed steadily and steadily one step at a time, and only then have we achieved our extraordinary results. From the initial tens of square meters, hundreds of square meters, to the later thousands of square meters, until now, through continuous efforts, we have a 6-story office space of 16000+㎡.


The overall style of the new office space is concise and atmospheric, and the appearance and comfort are both online, and every detail is worthy of consideration. The office area is fully equipped with hardware facilities and software, and everything is designed to create a comfortable working environment for friends.


This housewarming, on the one hand, has met the needs of the company's rapid development, on the other hand, it has also complied with the needs of the company's brand image upgrade, which is also a new milestone for the group!


The new environment is a new starting point. Billionaire Lighting will also keep in mind the original aspiration, with a brand-new look, and work together with all colleagues to meet new challenges and create new brilliance!