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Dual emission led panel lamps of Billionaire Lighting are widely welcomed by German customers


Lighting design is a flexible and full of interesting design element. In interior design, lighting can not only provide a good lighting environment to meet basic needs of life, but also utilize light expression to perform artistic processing on the indoor environment to achieve a beautified indoor environment, improve space effects, and enhance the atmosphere and mood, the purpose of which is more and more valued by people. For commercial supermarkets and major stores, the importance of lighting design is more prominent.

The dual emission led panel lamp, one of our hot products, are significantly different from the ordinary panel lights in structural design and lighting treatment. They can provide good lighting effects for large shopping places such as shopping malls even to create a comfortable lighting atmosphere. In March 2018, we customized a batch of 100+ sets of this kind of luminous panel lights for the German GSC company, which were specially used for lighting in the store. After GSC decided to cooperate with Billionaire Lighting on up and down led panel lights, product sales have been greatly improved comparison with the previous ones.

Feedback installation and effects from German customer

Feedback installation and effects from German customer

Why can a reasonable light distribution improve the store environment and promote product sales? Science has shown that: as consumers enter the store, comfortable lighting can make people feel relaxed, and the high CRI of the light source can fully highlight the product materials, design, color, and become a catalyst for customers' purchasing decisions, playing a role of salesperson who do not speaking.

Indirect-Up lighting, Direct-Down lighting

(Indirect-Up lighting, Direct-Down lighting )

Compared with conventional panel lights, our dual-emission panel lights can achieve a perfect light ratio of 30% UP+ 70% DOWN, and can ingeniously combine the indirect light source emitted upward and the direct light source illuminated downward, so light uniform distribution in the space, and people in the space can feel more comfortable and natural. This scientific light design can not only create a good lighting environment for the store and guide the flow of people, but also achieve the purpose of saving energy and electricity and controlling operating costs by designing an excellent lighting environment.

up and down lighting led panel lights

When the lamp is off, it is almost transparent, in harmony with the surroundings; when the lamp is on, the ultra-high light efficiency makes the light even and bright.

In addition to exporting to Germany, this panels are also loved by users in France, Switzerland, Denmark and other countries. At present, we can provide different options such as 300 * 300 * 12mm, 300 * 600 * 12mm, 600 * 600 * 12mm, 300 * 1200 * 12mm, 620 * 620 * 12mm, 600 * 1200 * 12mm, customization also available according to different needs. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us.