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Frameless LED Panel Light With More Visual Beauty


LED frameless panel light And led rimless flat lights

The beauty of lamps is very important. A good texture design can determine and enhance the beauty and value of the product, allowing people to fully appreciate the aesthetic effect and giving people a pleasant visual enjoyment. Compared with traditional LED panel lights, frameless panel lights have significantly improved appearance and performance, which are more in line with modern aesthetic standards.

1. The structure is simpler

This frameless design led panel light can make the appearance of the product more simple and fashionable, and at the same time, it can increase the light-emitting area to a greater extent and provide high-quality light effects. The entire lamp can achieve full light without dark areas.

led frameless panel lights

2.Can realize seamless splicing

The frameless panel light can be used as a single lighting tool, and can also be seamlessly spliced between multiple lamps to form a large area lighting. Billionaire lighting can provide customized panel lights with artistic screens according to user needs, so that the lamps can achieve lighting effects while making the lighting environment more visually beautiful.

frameless panel lights rimless

3.Good sealing

The back panel of the panel light is locked with screws, and the workmanship is exquisite. On the premise of ensuring firmness, it can also prevent the entry of mosquitoes and dust, which can well avoid accidental damage to the product.

led ceilling rimless panel lights

4.Stable performance

The frameless led panel light has the outstanding characteristics of uniform light emission, soft light, high luminous efficiency, etc. The lamp adopts ultra-bright chip technology, long service life, good color rendering, and no flicker. The surface of the lamp is frosted, the visual effect is high-grade and beautiful, and it is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. It can be widely used in indoor lighting fields such as commerce and home.