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Why Heat Dissipation Performance Is Important For LED Lamps


LED panel light and led floor standing lamps heat Dissipation Performance

The LED we usually mention is essentially a semiconductor device. The heating problem will not only affect the life of the LED device, but also affect the brightness of the panel light. Experiments have proved that the life of LEDs, especially high-power LEDs, mainly depends on the junction temperature of the chip-the higher the temperature, the lower the reliability and the shorter the working life. Therefore, good heat dissipation performance is an important reference standard for measuring a qualified LED lighting appliance.

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When we make LED panel lights, we will first use high-quality imported SMD2835 chips. Through scientific structural design, this chip can escape the heat emitted by the LED when it is working, so that the temperature of the LED itself is at a stable low temperature value. How do ordinary consumers judge the heat dissipation performance of lamps when choosing lamps?

One of the easiest and quickest ways is to touch the lamp with your own hands and feel its temperature. When the lamp has been working for a period of time and it is found to be very hot when touched by hand, the heat dissipation of the lamp must not be good. Of course, if the lamp body is not hot when you touch it, it does not necessarily mean that its heat dissipation performance is good.

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If we use a more professional method to determine the heat dissipation performance of the lamp, we can use the half-hour illumination method. Generally speaking, when the junction temperature of the LED increases, the luminous flux will decrease. Then, we only need to indirectly measure the illuminance change of the lamp at the same position, and then we can infer the change of junction temperature.

However, this measurement method requires professional equipment, which most people cannot yet do. So the advice to everyone is that when purchasing LED lamps, it is very important to look at the qualifications of the supplier and the materials used in the product. If you are looking for LED panel lights with reliable quality, stable performance and moderate prices, please feel free to contact us: