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BR-FS0010 Modern office commercial touch dimming led floor standing lamp


Modern office touch dimming cct smart light sensing floor standing lamps with motion sensor

Today, home office has become more and more common. Because of the epidemic, more people began to work from home. The increase in home offices makes good lighting more important than ever. Whether it is used at a desk, making a business video call or tutoring a child's homework, good lighting can make all the difference. Proper lighting will eliminate eye fatigue, reduce headaches and increase job satisfaction. The BR-FS0010-110W-F01 commercial floor lamp newly launched by Billionaire Lighting can provide users with excellent lighting effects.

Exquisite appearance, scientific lighting

Small physique, great wisdom. BR-FS0010-110W-F01 has a simple structure and rich functions. It has various lighting modes such as up and down light emission, touch dimming, etc. The lamp is refined with excellent craftsmanship, the appearance is exquisite and rich in texture, and the packaging size is 2035*235*120mm. It adopts a DIY assembly structure. It can be installed without professionals and is very easy to transport.

The floor standing lamp adopts scientific light-emitting design to achieve the best light effect and lighting experience. The upper light-emitting ratio is 75%, and the lower light-emitting ratio is 25%. This scientific luminous design allows soft and uniform light to fill the entire lighting space, which can effectively alleviate the eyesight fatigue of users while fully ensuring the brightness of the light.

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145LM/W super high lumen

To judge the pros and cons of a lighting equipment, light efficiency is an important reference factor. The higher the luminous efficiency value, the stronger the ability of the lamp to convert electrical energy into light energy, that is, the stronger the energy saving of the lighting equipment under the condition of providing the same brightness; the stronger the lighting performance of the lighting equipment under the same power , That is, the greater the brightness. The new BR-FS0010-110W-F01 commercial floor lamp adopts imported high-quality LED lamp chips, with a more scientific luminous design, and the overall lighting effect is high up to 145LM/W.

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Save valuable space

BR-FS0010-110W-F01 has a very significant advantage-it is really minimalist. The size of the entire standing lamp is 38*65*1968mm. The base can not only maintain the stability of the product, but also save valuable space for users. The lamp only occupies a small area after installation, which is almost negligible. Whether it’s an office, study, bedroom or piano room, BR-FS0010-110W-F01 can play a very good lighting role. If you are looking for such a multi-functional commercial floor lamp with reliable quality, stable performance, and beneficial to eye health, please feel free to contact us:

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