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BR-FS0007-110W-F01 commercial led standing floor lamp


BR-FS0007-110W-F01 commercial modern office led standing floor Lamps

BR-FS0007-110W-F01 is a new generation of commercial led standing floor lamp developed by Billionaire, it has been optimized and innovated on the basis of previous products. Regardless of appearance or performance, BR-FS0007-110W-F01 can bring users a more intelligent and convenient experience.

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BR-FS0007-110W-F01 has a simple structure and rich texture, which can provide uniform and comfortable eye protection lighting for independent offices or open office areas. The light is sufficient and bright, do not need additional compensation light source. In order to make the product looks more pleasing, we have fully considered every detail in the design of the lamp, seamlessly splicing of the entire lens, each screw has been mounted in a concealed way, compact structure, convenient installation and appearance more fashionable.

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Regarding lighting design, BR-FS0007-110W-F01 adopts a scientific luminous structure: up and down lighting, and the ratio is 87/13. Among them, the up light-emitting adopts a cutable strip lens with a light transmittance of more than 90%, the down light adopts a diamond-shaped optical lens. The surface of the grid lens is frosted, which has high CRI, good uniformity, the light transmittance more than 88%, UGR < 16, the light is comfortable and eye protection, which is very suitable for office, reading and other environments.

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In the design of the lamp base, we adopt the way of joining the left and right parts to save packaging space, facilitate transportation, and also contribute to the cause of world environmental protection. If you are looking for such a multi-functional commercial floor lamp with reliable quality, stable performance and good eye health, please feel free to contact us:

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