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What is UGR < 19 LED panel light?


What is UGR < 19 LED panel light?

When we choose led panel lights or led floor lights, we often see signs such as UGR < 19 and UGR < 22. UGR refers to the Unified Glare Rating-unified glare index.

In lighting design, the UGR unified glare index can be used as an indicator of how comfortable individuals feel about lighting indoors. When we study or work under the light, we may experience glare and visual fatigue. Part of the reason is related to the UGR value.

ugr 19 led panel light

The UGR value is generally represented by a number between 10 and 30. The larger the number, the indoor light will make most people feel uncomfortable direct glare. Long-term work in an uncomfortable glare environment can easily cause visual fatigue and damage visual health.

Therefore, at present, whether in industrial lighting or commercial lighting, there are certain requirements for the glare value of indoor lighting fixtures. For example, in classrooms, hospitals, operating rooms, offices, and environments with high eye requirements, it is generally recommended to use LED panel lights with UGR less than 19, because glare has a great influence on the comfort of human eyes.

How to make led lights with ugr < 19? Need to mention UGR diffuser here. UGR diffuser is an optical diffuser material that assists in controlling UGR < 19. It is different from traditional diffuser. Its low-gloss surface treatment and more scientific formula technology make it better diffuse performance and can effectively control the led panel The glare value of the lamp is a very good indoor lighting solution.

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The billionaire lighting UGR series panel lights all use high-quality diffusers. Through scientific microstructure design, the illumination range is clearly defined, glare is eliminated, and the effective light in the center is enhanced. It can help improve the luminous efficiency of the luminaire while reasonably suppressing the brightness of the luminaire, especially suitable for office Lighting and other products that require lighting glare value < 19 (ugr < 19). If you have any needs or questions about this type of product, please contact us: