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Do you know the color rendering of LED?


What is the color rendering index of led panel lights?

What is color rendering? The color rendering is the degree of the original color reflected by an object under a certain light environment. For example, under the X light, the originally crimson apple looks pink; while under the Y light, the display is still dark red. Then we can say that the color rendering of the X lamp is poor, and the color rendering of the Y lamp is better.

led panel light color rendering

Perhaps you have ever had such a shopping experience: Why is there such a big difference between the color I bought and the color displayed on the online store? It must be the store selling fakes! In fact, what you sell online is the same as what you received, and the appearance of color difference is caused by low color rendering.

led panel light lighting

In the choice of light source quality, high luminous efficiency and high color rendering are the key to LED. We believe that the best light is the light with high luminous efficiency and high color rendering index and conforms to the lighting environment or lighting work object. The good color rendering can not only restore the color of the object to a high degree, but also help the eye health.

led panel light lighting color rendering

The LED light sources used in Bill Optoelectronics panel lights are all high-quality SMD2835 lamp beads. Compared with traditional lamp beads, SMD2835 has better comprehensive performance and more market competitiveness. It has become the designated choice for fluorescent lamps, bulb lamps, panel lights and other lamps in the LED industry, with super high color reproduction. Ability and comfort of natural light.