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Which kind of led lights are suitable for shopping supermarkets?


Which lighting fixtures should I choose for my shopping supermarket?

Shopping mall lighting design is a very important part of commercial activities. A scientific and reasonable mall lighting design, the use of light is much more than just lighting, but also need to combine aesthetics and psychology to create a suitable entertainment scene for consumers to stimulate consumption. In addition, the cost is also a key consideration for mall lighting. Long-term lighting in shopping malls, the energy-saving effect and the service life of the lamps and lanterns is equally important.

supermarket suspended ceiling led linear light

LED line light is a kind of commercial lighting fixture which is very suitable for shopping mall, the LED single tube linear lights and LED double tube linear light developed and produced by Billionaire lighting factory have scientific structure design and fashionable appearance, which can provide consumers with good shopping environment and create comfortable shopping atmosphere.

single led tube linear lights

From the point of view of cost, LED line light can realize the seamless splicing of different patterns. Besides aesthetics, the installation way is simple and easy to operate without any unnecessary wire structure, which can save the labor cost and the installation cost of the lamps and lanterns for the enterprise.

From the optical point of view, our lamp adopts the humanized design concept, the lamp body can be turned 180° flexibly, and the brightness and angle can be adjusted according to different lighting requirements, which makes the light more even and the color more realistic.

double led tube linear lights

Most importantly, Billionaire lighting factory has many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of LED panel lights, line lights, platform lights, etc. The company has its own clean workshop and professional testing and testing equipment, abundant product line, product type diversification, safe and reliable quality of lamps and lanterns.