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Billionaire Lighting 2019 Team Building And Expansion Event Was Successfully Held


In order to enhance teamwork ability among colleagues and cultivate employees' team spirit of daring to struggle and dedication, more than 200 employees of Billionaire Lighting went to Shiyan Dashu Farm for a day of team development training on July 13.

All colleagues of Billionaire Lighting walked into Shiyan Dashu Farm

All Colleagues Of Billionaire Lighting Walked Into Shiyan Dashu Farm

On the morning of the 13th, all the employees set off in an orderly manner and came to the Dashu farm with joy and laughter. Before the start of the event, Terry Hu, the company's CEO, gave a mobilization speech, emphasizing the precautions and the desired effect of the event.

Company CEO Gave The Mobilization Speech Before The Event

Under the coach's loud “Fall In”, the expansion training officially kicked off. This time, all members of the team were organized to conduct militarization training, aimed at shaping the team's disciplinary thinking, using militarization to improve the team's work execution, improve the team's mental outlook, and strengthen the team's cohesion and combat effectiveness.

The warm-up exercises allow colleagues from different departments to quickly integrate together

The warm-up exercises allow colleagues from different departments to quickly integrate together

In the expansion training, under the leadership of the coach, everyone was divided into several groups and participated in training projects such as "Challenge 100 Seconds", "South-to-North Water Diversion" and "Dynamic Circle". The carefully designed expansion projects stimulated everyone's strong interest and passion for participation In the process of expanding the experience, colleagues from different departments cooperated with each other to overcome projects that were once considered impossible, and fully realized the importance of team trust, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization, and teamwork.

Funny Challenge 100 Seconds link

Funny "Challenge 100 Seconds" link

The South-to-North Water Transfer activity link of testing group collaboration

(The "South-to-North Water Transfer" activity link of testing group collaboration)

Inspiring link of Power Circle

(Inspiring link of "Power Circle")

Self-sufficient, cooking delicious farm meals

(Self-sufficient, cooking delicious farm meals)

Fantastic tug of war

(Fantastic tug of war)

CEO awards cash prizes to outstanding teams

(CEO awards cash prizes to outstanding teams)

Taking photo at the end of the event

(Taking photo at the end of the event)

This expansion activity not only enhanced the emotional exchanges between new and old employees, cultivated the communication awareness, responsibility awareness and teamwork awareness of colleagues, but also mobilized the employees' enthusiasm for work, inspiring their work motivation and their sense of identity. Youth do not regret, let the dream set sail!