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All together, fight the epidemic!


On February 24, 2020, Billionaire lighting formally resumed work and set sail! In the past period of time, Billighting actively responded to the national call, focusing on the health and safety of employees. While conducting online work, it carried out various anti-epidemic measures such as personnel inspection and disinfection work, and carried out various prevention and control according to law. Work has made sufficient preparations for a full-scale resumption of work.

Fully disinfection

A few days before the official resumption of work, we carried out a comprehensive disinfection treatment of the office, conference room, corridor passage, workshop and other areas.

Set up multiple epidemic prevention testing points

As of April 1st, 14 Hubei employees have all returned to work, with the return rate of 100%. Now all STONKAMers are of one mind, stick to their posts, and well-prepared to fight this "protracted war"!

Daily supervision

1. All employees are kept away from home for 14 days. Only when they are in good health are they allowed to resume work.
2. Set up a temperature monitoring point at the entrance of the staff aisle, conduct body temperature testing and register records every day, and qualified persons enter the office area to work.
3. Disinfect the office area many times a day.
4. All-weather indoor ventilation in the office area to avoid the accumulation of people to the greatest extent.

Daily temperature measurement and registration records

In order to avoid people gathering and cross infection, the company also implemented a meal-sharing system, each meal is packaged separately. In order to ensure the safety of the meal, the company canteen specially extended the meal time, so as to avoid the situation of gathering of meal-taking staff, employees can take orderly by department and time.

Employees have meals independently

Love is not absent during special times

On the day of the start of resume, Billighting has always issued a new year red envelope to every employee, and this year is no exception. Taking into account the safety issues during the epidemic, the company changed from the previous year's gathering of red envelopes to a one-by-one security model, which effectively reflected the company's humanistic care.

There is no winter that cannot be crossed, and no spring will not come. In this special 2020, we will not back down, and will continue to provide high-quality products and services to customers worldwide in the new year. During the epidemic, we apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers!

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