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Company introduction

Company introduction

Billionaire Lighting Co., Ltd is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen city. It is an enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of LED lamps,its development history over than 10 years.

We always takes the concept of improving people's living experience space, and the overall product design is actively innovating on the traditional model.

In addition to conventional LED commercial office lighting products, Bill also provides differentiated overall lighting solutions for global users, creating scientific lighting experiences for different occasions and customer needs.

Focus on lighting field for 10 years+

Taking talents as the basis for development, technology as the core of business, and innovation as the spirit of enterprise, since its establishment, Billionaire lighting has been focusing on the field of commercial lighting for a long time. Through years of accumulated experience and continuous exploration, Billionaire lighting has successfully launched a number of smart LED products, combining traditional LED lamps with AI technology, making the scientific lighting experience to the world, becoming a leading company in the commercial office lighting industry!

Billionaire lighting has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and has many authoritative certificates for export, including RoHS, CE, FCC, SAE, SAA ,IP66 and more. In addition, we also has obtained a number of design patents, utility model patents and other patents.

Billionaire lighting provides intelligent LED products and lighting solutions for global customers. It has been selling for many years in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries and regions. It has established long-term trade cooperation relationships with excellent partners in various industries and exports The rate is as high as 90%.

Since its development, we have produced and developed various types of innovative LED lighting products, which have established Bill Optoelectronics' market position today and won customer recognition in the global market. As an industry leader, we have a responsibility to consistently provide our customers with high-quality, high-standard application products. We firmly believe that we never lose sight of our original intentions. Providing customers with the best lighting experience guides us to continuously improve and upgrade our products and processes to meet the urgent needs of today's consumers for energy-saving, environmentally friendly and comfortable lighting solutions.

In the future, Bill will continue to take "providing innovative, high-quality products, and create scientific and high-quality lighting experiences for users" as its mission, provide better and smarter LED products and solutions, and contribute to the healthy development of the lighting industry!