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Company Culture

Company Culture

Billionaire Lighting brand BILLIGHTING ®, BILL from the English word BILLIONAIRE abbreviation, symbolizing wealth and success; LIGHTING means lighting equipment. BILLIGHTING means that Billionaire Lighting aims to become the top company in the lighting field and China's leading lighting brand that makes the world admire.

Billionaire Lighting is committed to building excellence and excellence in high-end brands. We have the courage to innovate, constantly forge ahead, and adhere to quality first, customer first operating principles. Just as the profound connotation of the basic color of "BILLIGHTING ®" is: black, calm atmosphere, solid as a rock; White, bright and elegant, pristine; Grey, low-key and modest, aggressive. The combination of black, white and gray colors fully explains the simplicity, modernity, and advanced sense of Bill's photoelectric products.

The trademark has a rich meaning: BILLIGHTING ® uses simple and international English letters as its design element, which is very modern and international. The trademark mainly uses black and white ash as the basic color, black, extreme and mysterious, reflecting a stable and classic feeling. White, bright, elegant, is a symbol of hope and beautiful color, giving the symbol of eternal vitality; Gray as a transitional color, and the sharpness of black and white, so that the trademark calm without loss of atmosphere, low-key display of luxury.

Three Core Values

  • Customer First
    Customer First
    We have established a professional service team to respond to the diversified needs of customers in the first time, and to provide customers with the best product solutions in a timely and effective manner is our highest principle and a prerequisite for company management. The completion of each order is not just a simple transaction. We pursue long-term development and always put the interests of our customers first.
  • Quality Wins
    Quality Wins
    Bill Optoelectronics always adheres to the production concept of "no defective products, no defective products", uses strict quality audit standards and professional technical means to check each product, and wins market recognition and customer trust with excellent quality.
  • Innovation And Change
    Innovation And Change
    without innovation, there is no development. Innovation and change in continuous exploration is our driving force. Bill Optoelectronics regards concept innovation, management innovation and technological innovation as the important foundations for survival and development, continuously increasing the capital investment of enterprise innovation, and striving to occupy a place in the fierce market competition.

Brand Concept

brand concept


To provide scientific and high-quality lighting solutions for global users.


Become a world-class lighting service organization.

Service Concept:

Create excellent products with professional spirit and give back to global users with intimate service.

Quality Assurance:

Keep improving to meet user needs in continuous improvement and improvement.

Corporate Values:

Thinking from the perspective of customers, and promoting mutual development with good communication.

If people do not have faith, they will not stand, and if they have no faith, they will not. It is an important criterion for us to seek long-term development.

Embrace Change:
I believe that everything is possible, do not constrain the imagination of the future with current capabilities, and develop a new world through innovation.

Billionaire Lighting Enterprise Spirit

We are deeply immersed in the field of LED lighting, do professional things with a dedicated attitude, and use expert quality to present diverse and excellent products to global consumers. It is our eternal pursuit to become a world-class lighting service organization.