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What are the structural composition and materials of high-quality LED panel lights?

Author:Billionaire Lighting

 Without led lamps in life, the night cannot be as bright as the day, and it will also make people lose their ability to move at night and continue to live a life of black light. I can't imagine such a life. Let me talk about some more interesting lamps. For example, LED panel light installation.

LED panel lighting surface mounted installation method

1. LED panel light installation-bracket fixed

(1) First, make a few screw holes in the ceiling. This needs to be measured in advance, and then it is best to mark the corresponding places. Pay attention to the depth of the holes and the distance between the holes.
(2) Slide the LED panel light into the ceiling frame, and then install it on the ceiling. It needs to be fixed on three sides, and then slide the panel light into the fixed slide-in mounting frame. When it reaches the predetermined position Then, screw on the fourth side of it, and then fix the frame.

led panel light install (3).jpg

Surface mounted led panel light

2.LED panel light suspended installation-wire hanging type

(1) First fix the hanging wire installation parts on the ceiling, lock the screws at the corresponding position, and hang the components on the back of the LED panel light after the hanging wire is vertical.
(2) If you encounter something you don't know during the installation process, you can read the manual first, and then operate according to the prompts, or consult the customer online, it will give you an accurate answer.

led panel light install (1).jpg

big round suspended mounted panel light

3. LED panel light recessed installation-embedded

3. LED panel light installation-embedded (1) Install the groove on the predetermined position of the ceiling, then fix a few outwardly protruding brackets on the back of the led panel lamp, and put the panel light in accordingly. As long as the hand is strong, be sure to place it.
(2) Make the bracket and the groove on the ceiling completely match, and then use the matching screws to fix it on the ceiling. Because the thickness of various ceilings is different, there are some differences, so the height between the lamp surface and the bracket should be adjusted appropriately , Otherwise it is easy to cause the LED panel light to have the other side whose height is not on the same level.

led panel light install (2).jpg

Recessed ceiling led panel light

Precautions for the installation of LED panel lights

1. When taking out the LED panel light from the packaging box, check the integrity of the LED panel light and whether the accessories are complete. Check its model and be careful.
2. When installing the LED panel light, don't be with flammable materials, try to stay as far away as possible, or keep a 0.2m interval.
3. The wiring behind the lamp can be fixed with a wire clip, but it must be firmly fixed and do not fall down after use, as this will be very dangerous.
4. The power cord of the lamp must have enough length to avoid being affected by tension or tangential force, which is easy to damage it.
5. After the installation is complete, connect the low-voltage plug of the lamp and the switch to the low-voltage plug of the lamp and the low-voltage plug of the switching power supply. Do not connect wrongly and do an insulation treatment. To sum up, this article tells you how to install the led panel light. First check the actual installation environment, and then choose the corresponding led panel light installation method according to the environmental conditions. If you can choose at will, then use your best method. In the installation of led panel lights, attention should be paid to the installation details, such as the corresponding position of the wiring, and there must be no errors, otherwise the lamp cannot be used normally.

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