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How should we repair the broken led panel light? What's wrong with led panel lights?

Author:Billionaire Lighting

As we all know, LED panel lights will inevitably be damaged or dead in use, there are two main problems. One is the power supply problem, the other is the light source problem. So how can we repair it in such a situation?

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LED panel lights with driver

Power problems:Generally, the panel lamp adopts the method of external power supply, which can be replaced by a power supply directly. It is recommended to buy a better power supply.

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CCT Led panel light

Light source problem: At present, the light source of LED panel lamp in the market is composed of LED lamp bead chip. It is confirmed that it is the light source problem. After checking the light source model, you can buy a light source with the same voltage to replace it. The maintenance process is a little more complicated than the power supply.

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Aluminum frame led panel light

Maintenance steps: Maintenance steps: 1.Turn off the power supply, take down the board lamp, and put it on the dust-free platform, face down. Use a screwdriver to remove the aluminum plate and main frame fixed by the back screw, gently lift the aluminum back plate at the position where the cable enters the panel lamp, and then place the aluminum back plate on a clean surface;
2. Take out the diffuser and put it on the dust-free table top;
3. Remove the faulty light bar and weld the new one. Pay attention not to weld from the power line. For safety, make sure that the welding is firm;
4. Put the light bar back. Glue or tape can be used behind the light bar to stick it to the aluminum frame.
5. Clean the diffuser with dust-proof roller and put it back in place;
6. Put the panel back to its original position, and be careful not to damage the light bar;
7. Put the cable back to the fixed position of the aluminum back plate, and fix it with screws to ensure that it is fixed properly, so as to prevent dust from entering the panel.
8. Power on test.

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LED panel light bcak

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